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Radiant floor, ceiling and wall heating

Karbonik B.V. is an innovative company that produces state of the art high-quality heating systems based on carbon. The ultra-thin radiant heat film and the heat-giving Carbo e-Paint are two of the innovative products from Karbonik. The thermal film is quickly and easily installed under any floor covering material (parquet, laminate, tiles and carpet). The infrared radiant heat transmitted from the foil will heat all objects and people within the room. Karbonik serves the European market.

Our stand at the Renovatiebeurs 2019 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

Visit to Hebei province in China

At the invitation of the Hebei province, Karbonik B.V. has participated in a three-day program in Anping, Langfang and Renqiu, 3 cities near Beijing from 17-19 May 2018. read more (Dutch article)

Interview board member

Local heating should be given more attention. Koen Klooster (executive board member Karbonik) gave an interview to the integral platform "Duurzaam Gebouwd", the national integral knowledge platform for decision makers within the construction and real estate sector in the field of sustainability. read more (Dutch article)

Installation Karbonik

Karbonik tested at Green Village in Delft, The Netherlands