High-quality heating systems

Karbonik B.V. is an innovative company that produces state of the art high-quality heating systems. All systems use infrared heating based on carbon. This is a natural and very comfortable way of heating with low energy consumption. Various products have been developed based on this technology, namely: the radiant heating film, heating paint, heating wallpaper and heating panels. Karbonik offers underfloor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating, including associated control systems. Despite its innovative character, it is a proven technology with the potential to make an important contribution to the energy transition. Karbonik serves the European market.

Heating foil

Karbonik heating foil is an extremely thin foil that converts electricity into heat with an efficiency> 99.9%. The foil can be installed under almost any type of floor covering. For example, the foil is used under carpet, laminate, parquet, PVC, concrete, leveling compound and tiles.

Carbon fleece

Karbonik heat emitting carbon fleece is fiberglass wallpaper on which Karbonik Heat-Paint is applied. After application, a layer of paint or a stucco layer can be applied over the carbon fleece, creating an ‘invisible’ wall heater.

Heating panels

Heating panels are especially suitable for ceilings. The heat radiation can be felt almost immediately after switching on the panel, which is faster than a water-based heating system. This makes the panels extremely suitable for heating rooms where people only stay for a short period of time.

Operating systems

Karbonik also supplies the operating sytems for its heating systems. From a simple thermostat to an advanced home automation system. A system that, in addition to heating, can also be used to control lighting, sun blinds, electric doors etc. and connect all kinds of sensors.

Karbonik and health

Humidity and temperature play an important role in the sense of well-being and human health. Very low humidity is unpleasant and not good for our body; the skin becomes dry, the mucous membranes of our airways dry out and some people have an increased need to cough. Various scientific research institutes conduct various studies in the field of indoor climate and heating. For example, Karbonik and TU Delft are conducting research into the influence of our heating systems on the indoor climate of office spaces.

All these studies show that a relative humidity of the air lower than 25% in living rooms and offices has a negative impact on our health. The chance of contamination by coughing is many times higher than with an indoor climate with a relative humidity higher than 40%. High humidity has an inhibitory effect on the spread of microbiological particles, such as influenza viruses. The optimum relative humidity is between 40 and 60%.

The well-known convection heating with radiators causes dry air. Humidifiers are often used to prevent this. With Karbonik heating, no additional measures are required, because the heat transfer largely takes place via infrared radiation, which does not cause dry air. At every temperature setting there is an optimal humidity, a healthy indoor climate.

Whitepaper Karbonik

In collaboration with the integral platform ‘Duurzaam Gebouwd’, Karbonik has published the White Paper ‘Local heating plays an important role in energy transition’ (in Dutch)

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