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Heating foil

Karbonik heating foil is an extremely thin foil that converts electricity into heat with an efficiency> 99.9%. The foil can be installed under almost any type of floor covering. For example, the foil is used under carpet, laminate, parquet, PVC, concrete, leveling compound and tiles.

Heating paint

Karbonik Heat-Paint is a carbon-based heat-giving paint. After application, another layer of paint or a stucco layer can be applied over the Karbonik Heat-Paint, creating an “invisible” wall heating. What is new is that the paint is also available prefab on fleece.

Heating panels

Heating panels are especially suitable for ceilings. The heat radiation can be felt almost immediately after switching on the panel, which is faster than a water-based heating system. This makes the panels extremely suitable for heating rooms where people only stay for a short period of time.

Operating systems

Karbonik also supplies the operating sytems for its heating systems. From a simple thermostat to an advanced home automation system. A system that, in addition to heating, can also be used to control lighting, sun blinds, electric doors etc. and connect all kinds of sensors.

Radiant heating foil certificates

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