Carbo e-Paint

What is Carbo e-Paint?

Carbo e-Paint is a heat-giving paint. The paint is carbon based and therefore black in color. It can be applied on different surfaces, between 2 very thin self-adhesive electrodes. These electrodes are connected to a voltage source of 22 ~ 24V, after which the paint converts the supplied electrical energy into heat with more than 99.9% efficiency.

How does it work?
If Carbo e-Paint is put under electrical voltage, it emits infrared radiation; the same radiation as the sun emits. Infrared does not heat the air in a room, but rather the objects (tables, chairs, people, etc.). It is an efficient way of heating, and consumes less energy than heating based on convection (air heating). It is also a very comfortable and natural way of heating.

Our innovative Carbo e-Paint can be used to heat a room or objects. After applying the electrodes and Carbo e-Paint it can be painted with a color of your choice.A layer of plaster or tiles can also be applied over the Carbo e-Paint. The paint works at 22 ~ 24V, so a transformer is usually needed. Carbo e-Paint is not suitable for applications outside or in wet areas.

karbonik heat paint

Get started with Carbo e-Paint

A composite set that lets you apply Carbo e-Paint is composed of the following elements:

  • 4 x 2 self-adhesive electrodes (150 cm long, 4 cm wide and 50 micrometer (µm) thick).
  • sufficient paint for 4 surfaces of 150 cm x 70 cm; therefore more than 1 m2 per surface.
  • a transformer with 4 outputs (for 4 surfaces) of 22 V and 300 W each, so together 1200 W.
  • a thermostat.

The costs of a complete set are € 1,250 excluding VAT. The application of Carbo e-Paint requires training and/or guidance by Karbonik staff.

Frequently asked questions about Carbo e-Paint (in Dutch)