Karbonik heating panels

Karbonik heating panels are an energy-efficient and comfortable heat source. The panels are made of Pirex glass, with a thin layer of carbon on the back which is put under voltage by electrodes. The resulting current generates the heat. The working principle is therefore identical to the Karbonik heating foil and the heat-giving paint. The heat radiation is felt almost immediately after the panel is switched on. The panels are ideally suited for heating spaces where people stay for a short period of time.

At around 100 °C, Karbonik heating panels become considerably warmer than the paint or foil. The heating panels therefore need to be fixed to the wall or ceiling out of reach.

Due to the superior adhesion of the carbon to the glass, an energy transfer efficiency of approximately 30% is achieved compared to conventional IR panels. This efficiency is also maintained over the years.

Karbonik heating panels come in different sizes. The largest version can also be equipped with LED lighting. Hereby, it is possible to connect both light and heating at a single power point, in which both of them can be operated independently of each other by a wireless circuit.

Karbonik LED panel    Karbonik panel


The following panels are available in different sizes:

   Colour  Size  Voltage
 G230-300-HW  White  62 x 62   300 
 G230-400-HW  White  60 x 80  400
 G230-550-HW  White  70 x 100  550
 G230-300-HW LED  White  70 x 100  300
 G230-400-HW LED  White  70 x 100  400
 G230-500-HW LED  Wit  70 x 120  500
 G230-300-HB  Zwart  62 x 62  300
 G230-400-HB  Zwart  60 x 80  400
 G230-550-HB  Zwart  70 x 100  550