Radiant heating foil

Karbonik radiant heating foil

Karbonik radiant heating foil is an innovative, ultra-thin (<0.5 mm) radiant heat film that is easily installed under almost any floor covering material. It is important that both the room and floor are sufficiently insulated. Although, still relatively unknown in Western Europe, this heating foil has been used successfully in other parts of the world for many years. In Asia in particular, literally thousands of buildings are heated with this foil. Therefore, we can without a doubt speak of a ‘proven technology’. In the Netherlands, many homes and office buildings have now been provided with this heating foil by Karbonik.

Suitable floor coverings for heating foil

The Karbonik radiant heating foil is suitable for almost any type of floor covering. Due to the very small thickness, it is in many cases not necessary to adjust doors and jambs. However, the thickness of the recommended floor insulation must be taken into account. Karbonik heating foil can be used under carpet, laminate, parquet, PVC, concrete, egaline and tiles.

Why Karbonik heating foil?

Comfortable and healthy

Warm feet contribute considerably to overall thermal comfort. By the uniform distribution of the gentle radiant heat transmitted by the entire surface of the floor, the wall and all other surfaces, including furniture in the room will be heated subsequently. There are no dust nests. Mold spores or mildew cannot occur since there there is no condensation of humidity on cold services. The number of house dust mites is proven to be lower when using floor heating compared to radiators or convectors. The Karbonik radiant floor heating is therefore ideally suited for people with allergies or asthma.

Energy efficient

No energy is lost in the transformation from electricity to heat. Unlike gas or oil central heating, where 30% – 40% of the energy is lost to exhaust, conversion and transport loss, 100% of the electrical power is converted into heat. In addition, research shows that when using Karbonik radiant floor heating, a room temperature of 19 °C is just as comfortable as a room heated to 21 °C with convectors. This reduction in ambient temperature results in an extra energy saving of 12%.

Environmentally friendly

The Karbonik heating foil is 100% recyclable and is produced according to EN ISO 14001. By using green electricity or in combination with reusable energy, such as generated by solar panels, the use of Karbonik radiant floor heating can significantly reduce your personal CO₂ footprint.

Durable and safe

The Karbonik radiant floor heating foil is 100% maintenance-free and extremely durable. The film is flame resistant in accordance with DIN EN 60695-2-13 and is resilient against industrial and domestic cleansers. Karbonik radiant floor heating foil lasts longer in most cases and is more economical compared to the traditional water-based underfloor heating. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on our heating foil.

Fast and easy installation

The Karbonik heating foil is simply placed on an insulating underlay before the floor covering is applied. Generally, no major structural interventions are required. The electrical connection to the power grid is relatively simple.

More flexible layout of living space

No central furnace or heating boilers, pipes, radiators or convectors are necessary for using Karbonik radiant floor heating. You gain space and flexibility in designing your living space.

Silent and maintenance-free

The Karbonik heating foil works silently and is absolutely maintenance-free.

Fast and even heating

The heat is evenly distributed across the entire surface. Due to the direct connection to the floor covering, the room feels warm very quickly. Depending on the type of floor construction, the whole room can be heated in 20-25 minutes instead of several hours.

Tailored heat according to preferences

The heat transmission is adjusted to the personal preferences of the customer, taking into account the local conditions and flooring materials.

No water damage possible

By using electric power instead of water driven heating, no water damage can occur.


Product specifications heating foil


The foil consists of a Polyester (PET) substrate layer with printed carbon heating stripes in between. These are connected with silver coated copper conductors which are connected to the mains voltage (230V). A second PET layer insulates the heating path at the top. The carbon stripes efficiently convert the electric current into infrared heat. The Karbonik radiant heating foil can be delivered to customers with performances from 50 to 500 W/m. For most applications the power of 100 or 125 W/m² is recommended, which is also available from stock. The most commonly used foil widths are 50 and 80cm. The lengths are virtually unlimited but always a multiple of 25cm.

Temperature regulation

By combining a wall mounted thermostat with an underfloor temperature sensor, the room can reach the correct temperature while limiting the maximum floor temperature. This ensures that every type of flooring can be kept within its individual temperature limits.

The heating can be controlled per room/space. The Karbonik heating can also be controlled by a (time-controlled) thermostat or remotely using a smartphone. The control with our advanced home automation system is also possible.

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