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Karbonik Heat-Paint

What is Karbonik Heat-Paint?

Karbonik Heat-Paint is a heat-giving paint. The paint is carbon based and therefore black in color. It can be applied on different surfaces, between 2 very thin self-adhesive electrodes. These electrodes are connected to a voltage source of 22 ~ 24V, after which the paint converts the supplied electrical energy into heat with more than 99.9% efficiency. The maximum temperature that can be reached on the wall is approximately 42 °C.

How does it work?

If Karbonik Heat-Paint is put under electrical voltage, it emits infrared radiation; the same radiation as the sun emits. Infrared does not heat the air in a room, but rather the objects (tables, chairs, people, etc.). It is an efficient way of heating, and consumes less energy than heating based on convection (air heating). It is also a very comfortable and natural way of heating.


Our innovative Karbonik Heat-Paint can be used to heat a room or objects. After applying the electrodes and Karbonik Heat-Paint it can be painted with a color of your choice.A layer of plaster or tiles can also be applied over the Karbonik Heat-Paint. The paint works at 22 ~ 24V, so a transformer is usually needed. Karbonik Heat-Paint is not suitable for applications outside or in wet areas.

Aan de slag met Karbonik Heat-Paint

A composite set that lets you apply Karbonik Heat-Paint is composed of the following elements:

  • 4 x 2 self-adhesive electrodes (150 cm long, 4 cm wide and 50 micrometer thick).
  • sufficient paint for 4 surfaces of 150 cm x 70 cm; therefore more than 1m2 per surface.
  • a transformer with 4 outputs (for 4 surfaces) of 22 V and 300 W each, so together 1200 W.
  • a thermostat.

The application of the paint does require training or guidance by Karbonik personnel.

New: Thermal fleece

New is the heat-producing fleece; a banner on which the paint has already been applied. Functionally and technically this works the same as the paint, but the installation process is much simpler. The fleece can be glued to almost any surface (if not conductive). The electrodes are integrated in the fleece and can be connected to the transformer. The maximum wall temperature that can be reached is approx. 42 ° C.

A set with which you can apply the paint consists of the following elements:

  • 4 pieces of fleece measuring 86 x 140 cm, about 0.4 mm thick. Heating part: 72 x 140 cm. Each fleece provides approx. 300W of heat.
  • a transformer with 4 outputs (for 4 surfaces) of 24V and 300W each, so together 1200W.
  • a thermostat.
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