Karbonik Carbon fleece

What is heat emitting carbon fleece?

Karbonik heat emitting carbon fleece is fiberglass wallpaper on which Karbonik Heat-Paint is applied.  Karbonik Heat-Paint is a heat emitting paint. The paint is carbon based and therefore black in color. The paint is applied between 2 very thin electrodes. These electrodes are connected to a voltage source of 22~24V, after which the paint converts the supplied electrical energy into heat with more than 99.9% efficiency. The maximum temperature that can be reached on the wall is approximately 42°C.

The fleece surfaces have fixed dimensions and are available in 2 sizes:

86 x 140 cm
92 x 196 cm

How does it work?

When the heat emitting carbon fleece is put under electrical voltage, it emits infrared radiation; the same radiation as the sun emits. Infrared does not heat the air in a room, but rather the objects (tables, chairs, people, etc.). It is an efficient way of heating, and consumes less energy than heating based on convection (air heating). It is also a very comfortable and natural way of heating.


Our innovative heat emitting carbon fleece can be used to heat a room or objects. The fleece surfaces can be repainted in a color of your choice after application. A layer of plaster or tiles can also be applied over the carbon fleece. The carbon fleece works at 22~24V, so a transformer is usually needed. The carbon fleece is not suitable for outdoor applications or in wet areas.


A set of heat emitting carbon fleece consists of the following elements:

  • 1, 2 or 4 pieces of fleece, approx. 0.4 mm thick. Each fleece provides approx. 300W of heat
  • 1 transformer

Transformers come in different sizes, depending on the number of pieces of fleece that are connected to them. In addition, you can choose between a transformer for installation in the distribution board, or a transformer for construction in the room to be heated.

The fleece sets can be connected to any thermostat in our range. It is also possible to choose to have the temperature controlled via our home automation system.

The two sizes of fleece can be combined in 1 set.

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